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DSK Guiding Provides Guiding, Training and Instruction in Hiking, Backcountry Ski Touring, Sea Kayaking, Navigation, Glacier Travel, Crevasse Rescue & Avalanche Safety. 

Ski Tours out of Whistler/Pemberton and Squamish

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Description: Ski tour the area that surrounds Whistler.  A short drive or gondola ride accesses some of the most touring friendly areas in Western Canada. The region gets enormous amounts of snow that transforms the mountains into a skiing paradise.  Big gentle glaciated valleys, steep north faces, challenging couloirs. On snowy weather days ride among trees and glades or drop pillow lines. 

We can take care of all door to door logistics related to a day out in the mountains. Transport, lift passes, helicopters, food/drinks are options we can organize, so you only need to get your boots, touring gear and pack out the door. Or simply meet at the Lifts.

There are routes and lines that will satisfy everyone and we have decades of experience figuring out perfect route combinations in matching your group's ability to the most favourable terrain and the days current snow and weather conditions.  Options exist to use either Whistler Blackcomb's lift system to get into Garibaldi Park, or to access the mountains by helicopter.  Roads going high into the Duffy lake area also offer many access options. There are so many options!    

                    $200 per person full day or $600/day for a group of up to 6

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What's included:

All the guided touring you can take! For groups of up to 6 people.  We supply all the regular guiding related communication and emergency management equipment. We will also organize (for an additional cost)  transportation out of Whistler and food and drink for the day.

What you bring:

Touring Gear and Avalanche Safety Equipment. DSK Guiding will provide a comprehensive gear list and personal coaching to assist in good choices to help make a very light backpack.

Our Cancellation Policy isdifferent for all trips. DSK Guiding wants to give you opportunity and freedom to change plans. However, organizing and running tripsdoes involve our financial commitment.  We will always strive to fill a vacated trip placement and provide a 95% refund (less any banking related fees, 5% held to cover administrative costs). Your happiness with any of our services is most important

We reserve the right to cancel or change a booking or trip at any time before start date with a 100% refund (less any banking related administrative fees)  to the customer. DSK Guiding cannot be held accountable for any expenses incurred due to trip cancellations or changes. We recommend you consider purchasing 3rd party trip cancellation insurance to protect yourself from unforeseeable issues.  

 Day Trips:

Time of purchase until 24 hours before the trips start time: 95% refunded (less any banking related administrative fees, 5% held to cover administrative costs).

Less than 24 hours before the start time of a trip:  No refund guaranteed.

Multi Day Trips: 12 months - 1 month prior to start of trip: 50% deposit to secure a placement is 95% refunded (less any banking related administrative fees, 5% held to cover administrative costs).

1 month-trip start date. 100% payment has no refund guaranteed.  

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